CBD Oil in Italy

Talking about the Legality of CBD Oil in Italy

For decades there has been a huge controversy over cannabidiol oil near me in Italy. The Lervolino-Vassalli law in 1990 saw the classification of cannabis as a soft drug. Thus, there were no criminal penalties associated with it. However, with the implementation of the Fini-Giovanardi law in 2006, cannabis was classified as a hard drug and considered to be at the same level as heroin and cocaine. Thus, anyone found cultivating, using, or distributing cannabis was to face huge penalties.
In 2014, through the Italian legal system, cannabis was considered back to be a soft drug. There were plans by radical Italians and activists to have …

CBD Oil in Italy

Using CBD Oil in Italy: Is it Legal?

Finding a store that sells CBD oil may not be difficult anymore as Italy announced to legalize the selling of therapeutic CBD oil. With the legalization of CBD use, people can now buy or sell CBD products without a prescription.
What is Cannabis Oil?
CBD oil oil is a liquid end product extracted from a hemp plant. It can be taken through the mouth which is faster and more practical but with distinct effects.
What to Know
When cannabis became legal in Italy for medical and industrial use, it is still regulated for recreational usage. The hype of cannabis legalization was mainly intended for farmers to grow industrial hemp which is also a good commercial use for fabrics, …

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