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Great Ideas to Sleep for Free While Traveling the Globe

When you travel, a place to stay likely a large chunk of your expenses. According to, It is often next to food expenses. We all want to experience the world without breaking the bank. A place where to sleep as a backpacker should not only be affordable but also comfortable.

The good news is there are ways that not only save you accommodation costs but can also be completely excluded. Here are some great ideas to sleep without paying a cent while traveling.

Staying with Relatives or Friends

If you are fortunate to have relatives or friends living in a place you plan to travel, you can tell them in advance your intention to go there. Then, you can ask them if they can give you accommodation during your stay.

This idea is easy when you travel on your own, or you are used to traveling. When you travel, you get a lot of chances to experience a new culture, meet people from different walks of life, and expand your personal network.

When you add these people to your social media networks, you have more people to reach out to. Those people you made friends with can also serve as your host when you visit their hometown or country. You can also do the same when they visit your home country.

Sleeping on Beach Loungers

In tropical countries, many beach resorts have sunbathing chairs they leave on the beach through the night. You can have your own foam sleeping mat and roll it out. Your sleep will be fairly comfortable.

This way works best during the dry season since the climate is calm. There is a very low chance of raining at night. Therefore, doing this in the wet season is not recommended.

The cool wind from the beach could keep you comfortable and blow the mosquitoes away. It is a nice idea to bring a compact sleeping bag or warm clothing. The weather could become chilly early in the morning because of the sea breeze.


This method is not entirely free since you are doing a service for somebody in exchange for a place to stay. There is also a yearly minimal fee if you want to register at a housesitting site. Nevertheless, these are all worth it since you would not be spending much.

Basically, housesitting means you take care of and maintain somebody’s house or pets while they are away. Usually, the stay is free. However, there could be instances wherein you have to contribute to utility costs.

This is great for people not particular with time when they travel. There is also a chance to build your connection with the house owners. Also, it is your call to move from one housesitting to another.

The duration varies which can be for several days, weeks, or months. You can stay from beachside cottages to luxurious mansions. When you have had many successes in housesitting and got positive comments, you will have better opportunities.

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