CBD Oil in Italy

Talking about the Legality of CBD Oil in Italy

For decades there has been a huge controversy over cannabidiol oil near me in Italy. The Lervolino-Vassalli law in 1990 saw the classification of cannabis as a soft drug. Thus, there were no criminal penalties associated with it. However, with the implementation of the Fini-Giovanardi law in 2006, cannabis was classified as a hard drug and considered to be at the same level as heroin and cocaine. Thus, anyone found cultivating, using, or distributing cannabis was to face huge penalties.

In 2014, through the Italian legal system, cannabis was considered back to be a soft drug. There were plans by radical Italians and activists to have marijuana fully legalized.

Medicinal Cannabis in Italy

In 2007, the government of Italy legalized marijuana for therapeutic use with a lot of opposition. However, to grow this plant, one had to meet some conditions and even get a license from the narcotics office. Due to this, many people were unable to grow the plant, making the government import it, hence making cannabis very expansive.

However, in 2014, the long system that one had to follow before obtaining a license to grow marijuana was abolished. In the same year, the government assigned the military the role of producing medical-based cannabis. The army was supposed to produce one type of cannabis known as FM2 which has a low concentration of THC.

Italy is also known to have a marijuana program. The program calls for the people to cultivate marijuana and only consume it if recommended by a physician. Patients are generally advised to purchase their medicinal marijuana from some recommended pharmacies.

Something interesting is that the demand for cannabis outweighs the supply. Thus, pharmacies import cannabis from the Netherlands, causing the price to skyrocket. Moreover, the government has come up with programs in Italy to encourage people to grow marijuana which can be sold at a lower price to patients.

The different conditions that can be treated using medicinal marijuana include:

  • Nausea
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Glaucoma

However, nausea must be a result of radiation treatment used to treat HIV/AIDS or chemotherapy. Qualified physicians have the authority to prescribe for the patient. Meanwhile, patients are later required to file the prescriptions at a licensed pharmacy. Moreover, the military has now been authorized to grow about 100 types of cannabis.

Hemp Regulations in Italy

In the early 1940s, Italy was one of the top countries in producing hemp. After the World War, this business was banned entirely. However, in 2017, this law was adjusted. It now meant that anyone growing hemp with a tolerance level of 0.6% and THC content of about 0.2% needed no authorization.

However, growers are to keep technical documents and seed invoices for about one year. Checks were to be conducted by a government authority, the farmer being present. Inspectors were supposed to carry out tests to ensure all conditions were met.

However, if it was discovered that THC exceeds 0.6%, the authorities are ordered for the destruction of hemp. However, for hemp to be imported, it must be within the country’s rules and European Union regulation rules.

Needless to say, CBD oil in Italy is legal; however, it must not contain more than 0.6% THC.

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