Most Authoritative List of Directories

How Italian Citations became the Most Authoritative List of Directories

Citation building on uulits is important in increasing the number of searches or traffics of your work or business name on the internet. This is for you to increase the number of sites where your work or business is being cited. Italy is using this to improve their number of local searches that made their citations the most authoritative list of directories.

Starting from 2016, Italy research has been the most cited in the World Wide Web due to their improved citation building. Italy was followed by Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Their citation building also contributes to their increase in ranking in terms of research.

Italy researchers are motivated to develop and improve their citation building because of the metrics added in leveling up their promotion in which they have to increase their number of journal articles published and the number of sites or works where their articles are being cited.

Due to the metrics, Italians who are interested to be promoted started building different techniques and strategies to increase the number of articles or journals where their journal articles are being cited.

Here are some of their citation building strategies.

Citing Within

This involves searching for different website related to your journal, work, or business in your locality then start adding your information. For instance, if you want your business name to increase its number of search, check business directories as many as you can, then add your information. Don’t limit the number of sites where you could insert your information or the information of your work.

Citing Beyond

Limiting the location where your citation could be found will also limit your number of searches. Therefore, you have to make a way in how to add your citations in other sites, which might not be too related with your content.

Furthermore, make sure that your citation is not only added in one place or country but also search for other directories in other countries you could add your citation.

Prioritizing Accuracy

One important reminder is for you to watch out and be careful about the details that you are placing your citation. This has a great impact on the increase in searches that you could receive.


One technique is for you to write an article where you could add your citation.

These four techniques stated above are just some of the citation techniques being used. There are lots of large websites and directories where you could register for them to help you increase the number of searches for your work – one of which is white pages where you could add citations of your business.

Citation building will not only promote your research, work, or business, but it can also increase the credibility of your work. Credibility is related to the reliability of your research or work.

The more your article or journal is being cited, the more people would check your article. It is because it helps improve the trust flow of your readers about your article. The more readers, the more citations.

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