Bars in Rome for Playing Darts

Best Bars in Rome for Playing Darts

When you talk about Italy, the first thing that comes in your mind is all about wine and pizza. Well, in particular, Rome has some of the best wine and pizza served right at your fingertips. According to the, some of the best bars in Rome don’t just make the best wine but also have the best darts to buy around the world.

Aside from drinking beer and binge-eating pizzas, you may also try to hit the pub for one of their indoor games – darts. Playing darts in Rome has been unanimously attracting hundreds of locals and visitors in and out of Europe because it’s a really chill game, thus making it perfect for a casual time at the pub. Before you hit the pubs, take a look at some of the best bars in Rome for darts enthusiasts.

The Surge

Don’t miss The Surge when you plan your vacation in Italy. When one pint of beer is not enough, try to hit the middle and enjoy their dart game. The pub is close in the colosseum which makes every visit worth it. As some of the Irish describe, the pub is simply decorated with just enough adornments making it the best place to visit.

Fiddler’s Elbow Rome

When you plan to meet up with your old friends and colleagues, Fiddler’s Elbow will provide you the best place to relax and chill. The pub was originally small and cozy but always full of visitors. In 1979, an Irish owner decided to build a larger pub to meet the demands of increasing customers. Now, the bar offers beers, foods, and is fully equipped with a TV, pool, and darts. Now, with more English speaking staffs, the pub continues to attract many visitors.

McQueen Pub

When you want to chill and relax over the long weekend, one of the best places to visit in Rome is McQueen Pub. This bar offers dinner and late night drinks. Aside from that, it is one of the coolest pubs to play darts in. With a nice and quiet atmosphere, the pub is definitely a good place to unwind and play.


With its lively atmosphere, Shamrock attracts tourist and local visitors. Although the strong focus in sports is rugby, other customer can also enjoy playing darts. The pub is near the colosseum and with its wide range of beers, spirits, and good selection of bar food, it’s no wonder the bar is becoming the talk of the town.

The Black Falcon

Explore the historic center of Rome and don’t forget to add The Black Falcon on your list. With lots of games offered—backgammon, darts, and chess, the pub is surely a nice place to spend the rest of your night in. Whether you like to have a long drink or just a simple shot, the pub will definitely not miss any enjoyment with your every visit.

So, if you need a dose of classic spirits and beers accompanied with games like chess, NFL, and darts, don’t miss to visit these bars. They don’t just offer beverages and good food but also games that everyone can enjoy with.

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