CBD Oil in Italy

Using CBD Oil in Italy: Is it Legal?

Finding a store that sells CBD oil may not be difficult anymore as Italy announced to legalize the selling of therapeutic CBD oil. With the legalization of CBD use, people can now buy or sell CBD products without a prescription.

What is Cannabis Oil?

CBD oil oil is a liquid end product extracted from a hemp plant. It can be taken through the mouth which is faster and more practical but with distinct effects.

What to Know

When cannabis became legal in Italy for medical and industrial use, it is still regulated for recreational usage. The hype of cannabis legalization was mainly intended for farmers to grow industrial hemp which is also a good commercial use for fabrics, clothing, and food consumption. Industrial hemp is also a good market for biofuel, materials for construction and animal feeds with a lesser level of psychoactive compound.

Cannabis Light on the Spotlight

After the announcement of legalizing CBD oil, stores have been opening to make way for the hemp flower—better known as cannabis light. Although this hemp flower only has a small amount of psychoactive compound that makes people “high”, it is illegally eaten or smoked in Italy as it is only a product not intended for human consumption and for technical use only. Therefore, those jars full of hemp flower are only sold as a collector’s items.

How Cannabis Became Legal

In the previous note, it is said that CBD oil is legal in Italy. However, it is not entirely legal. Only those hash oil that contains 5%, 10%, and 50% CBD and those classified under the food aromatic preparation are allowed to be purchased without prescription. This is because those hemp oil only contains small amount or no amount of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol which is responsible for psychoactive compounds. In contrast, hash oil that needs prescription can only be legally purchased and prepared by the pharmacist in the Galenic Laboratory of Pharmacy. Below are some examples of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products:

  • FECO cannabis oil or cannabis resin is purchased with prescription since it contains THC and cannabinoid concentrate. This hemp oil is considered a psychotropic drug.
  • Hemp oil or hemp edibles are considered a condiment and are obtained from the hemp seeds. They can be bought together with olive oil, corn oil or sunflower oil. They do not require prescription and can be easily bought at supermarkets.
  • CBD oil, like Ambercbd, is a mixture of vegetable oil like olive oil, hemp oil and coconut oil and contains CBD in crystals.
  • Therapeutic cannabis oil or cannabis olive oil contains THC and is obtained from pharmaceutical cannabis. This oil also requires prescription as it is a psychotropic drug.

Before purchasing cannabis products in Italy, keep in mind that it is not entirely legal. It is only legal for medical and industrial purposes. Therefore, it is strictly regulated throughout the country. This means that you may need to have doctor’s prescription or any sort in order to legally purchase a cannabis product. With all that being said, adhering to the government’s rules and regulations regarding the use of CBD oil must still be considered to avoid hefty penalties and fines.

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