Writing about Italy

Some people might want to write about places—which in any case might include Italy. When thinking about Italy to be associated with essay writing, the first thing that comes to mind is what to write about the place. There are actually a lot of good things to write about the place, but the first thing you need to keep in mind before writing about Italy is to think about the things you have seen in that place that no one else has. You can also use any cheap essay writing service for that but it is always fun to write it yourself.

Why Italy?

There are so many places to choose—all with amazing landscapes—so why write about Italy? When you happen to ask yourself about this, then you have to ask someone too who have already written about the place. When you do, you will probably get a response like “Italy is so amazing with all the history, and places, and also the food!” or just a plain, “Because it’s my job.”

But, when it’s your turn to ponder about this question, you might want to dig deep about the place. If you want to know more about Italy, you can read about its portion on The Innocents Abroad written by Mark Twain.

The Innocents Abroad—All about Italy

Mark Twain, a writer who happens to write also about Italy expresses his sorrow on his writing for Rome, a part of Italy, and says that it is not a place to go to when someone wants to do discovery. Through his writing, he expresses that this part of Italy is not worth the visit because it has already been seen by so many eyes and touched by so many hands. Twain says that this, in turn, causes the place to lose its valuable charm as one of the most recommended travel destinations.

However, these writings are written since the mid- 19th century and through the years, there are many improvements done in Rome and overall in Italy. With all these new infrastructures, there is always something new to see and visit. Aside from that, the fact that there are already a lot of eyes who marveled in the beauty of the country doesn’t really matter at all. Rome can always be a place for discovery since doing a discovery is not counted using another person’s experience. Discovery is something you get by yourself using your own experience.

Relating to Rome and Italy, what can you write about the latter that no one else has? When you think about it, there is probably nothing more to write. There are already many writings that exclaim the beauty of the places in Italy, the uniqueness of the foods, and such. What you can write that will surely differ from the rest is all about your perspective. You can always share something new with other people when you write about your own points of view.

Final Thoughts

Though Italy is set as an example, it can also happen to any places in the world. When you wanted to write something unique about the place, you will find it hard since there are already many existing writings. But, you can definitely create something new when you use your own perspective. For as long as the place you chose ignites a spark in you, you will find yourself enjoying writing about it and sharing it to the world.

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