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Italian Travel Blogs You Can Get Inspiration from to Create Your Own Blog

Blogging is considered as a relaxing and creative way of expressing one’s personal experience and comments on a particular item, food, or place. Nowadays, more people are inspired to create their own personal space online because they simply want to express themselves without limitations. CertaHosting.co.uk have some nice plans for you if you also want to share your knowledge about any place or anything under the sun to their readers.

That said, creating your own blog is fairly easy. All you have to do is choose your theme and make sure to find the perfect web hosting provider that would definitely cater to your needs like making your own domain, choosing a template, and customizing your own website layout.

If you are interested in making your own travel blog, you might want to make a jumpstart with Italy. Italy is an interesting country with a delicious meal, a challenging language, and breathtaking tourist spots. There are several things to talk about Italy per se and their culture.

Here are some of the Italian travel blogs you might want to read to easily navigate through Italy, entice yourself to love the place even more, and be inspired to make your own blog:

My Melange

Ranked as third in blogrank.org, My Melange, which is run by Robin Locker Lacey, is one of the best blogs you might want to check if you want to know anything Italian. From consulting and planning your Italy trip (places and budget) to checking out restaurants you want to try for a memorable gastronomic experience, this blog surely is your best bet.


Melanie Renzulli, the owner of Italofile, claims to be an admirer of Italy in general. You can really sense her passion for Italy burning as she has been writing about the place for 20 years. She covers places you should visit and things you can do in the said place. Interestingly, she included the festivals, events, and art exhibits in her dropdown menu.

If you want to expand your horizon and discover more of Italy’s wonders, this blog might be suitable for you.

Wild About Travel

Simon, an independent blogger born in Italy, primarily runs a travel blog called “Wild About Travel”. Her idea for adventure is really fascinating in a way that you would start reading her blog from start to finish and take down notes on places you want to consider when visiting Italy – both famous tourist spots and less crowded places.

This blog is ideal for those who opt to go on a different route in their stay in Italy. If you crave for a different kind of adventure, then you must definitely check this one out for reference.

Girl in Florence

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Florence, especially when you start reading this blog about the city. Girl in Florence, owned and managed by Georgette, mainly talks about tips about the city. Focusing on the city per se, this blog is heaven-sent if you feel lost in Florence!

Making and managing a blog isn’t really difficult if you are passionate about what you are doing. Just like these bloggers on the list, you just need to find a sense of purpose and know what you want to talk about in order to be inspired to update your blog. Hopefully, these Italian travel blogs will motivate you to pursue your passion for blogging.

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