Pickleball You Can Play in Italy

Popular Sports You Can Play in Italy

While it can’t be denied that Italy is home to tons of soccer aficionados and talented players, it doesn’t mean that there are no other popular sports within the country. As a matter of fact, there are quite a number of other popular sports like Picky Pickleball you can play in Italy, and some of other are as follows:


Of course, this list won’t be complete without soccer, Italy’s official national sport. Anywhere you look, you can find someone who’s an avid fan of the sport. In fact, around 4 million individuals practice football throughout the country, so it’s no wonder why there’s a lot of talents coming from Italy.


Skiing is yet another very popular sport in Italy, with up to 2 million active skiers who mostly participate in the sport throughout the northern and central regions. This number is one of the reasons why there are several Italian skiers who were able to achieve victory and accomplishments in the World Cup, Winter Olympics, and World Championship.

Combat Sports

Combat sports are also popular all throughout Italy. Fencing is perhaps the most popular, and Italy happens to be one of the most successful nations in this area. Aside from fencing, you can also come across other combat sports such as kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and MMA.


A good number of men and women Italian tennis players found themselves in the top 100 ranks. Hence, it’s not surprising that tennis made its way in this list. Although most of the individuals are live spectators who watch the sports on television, it’s still regarded as among the most popular sports you can play in Italy.


A somewhat variant of tennis, pickleball is a fairly new sport but a rather popular one. In fact, it’s quickly growing in popularity in these recent years, with a huge number of Italians getting hooked in this sport.

That aside, the Italian government is even quick to catch up. They have created a number of outdoor pickleball courts which is open for public use, with a variety of pickleball courts scattered all throughout the country. They even started the Italian Pickleball Association for the sport.


Following football is rugby, another wildly popular sport in Italy with most of the fans coming from Northern Italy. It made its way to the Italian sports scene 100 years ago with the influence of the British people.

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