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Must-Visit Italy-Inspired Blogs to Check for Guests Posts

As a blogger, reaching your audience and bringing traffic to your website is one of the challenges that you will face in doing blogs. According to, there are many ways and strategies that one can do to market their blog and reach the blog’s desired audience. One way to increase the awareness of your blog and reach new audience is guest posting on websites.

Now, if you have been blogging about Italy for quite some time now but still could not get the desired traffic to your website, then you better think of a new strategy. You can consider guest posting on websites that also talk anything about Italy. Read the list of Italian-inspired blogs below that you can consider for guest posting.

Michelle Fabio’s Bleeding Espresso

“Bleeding Espresso” is a blog by Michelle Fabio who is an American lawyer-turned-freelance-writer and editor and has been doing the blog since December of 2006. Her blog’s topic is based mainly on her interests and life in Italy in general. You can also find interesting topics such as Italian holidays and traditions, recipes, books, and many more. Better reach out to Michelle now and introduce your blog to a new set of audience.

Italian Politics With Walston

Want to introduce your website to a politically invested audience? Consider “Italian politics with Walston” by James Walston, a guy who is so well-versed in Italian politics that you can learn different acronyms and codes that are only specific to the subject. Reading his blog is like taking a free lesson about Italian politics, governance, policies, and other related topics. He updates his blog weekly, so you might want to reach out to him now.

The Blonde Salad

Chiarra Farragni is a fashion blogger, a model, and a student who is currently studying at the prestigious Bocconi University. Her blog called “The Blonde Salad” has given her a chance to collaborate with famous brands such as Tod’s and Pantene. Farragni is a respected model in the fashion world and has already appeared in fashion magazines outside Italy such as in Mexico and Japan. In September 2017, she was ranked first as Forbes’ most powerful fashion influencer.

Driving Like A Maniac

Kate Bailward is an English woman who hails from a small town near Bristol and has been living in Italy since 2009. Her blog called “Driving Like a Maniac” is all about living in Italy. She is currently residing in Catania, Sicily where she is currently teaching English and regularly updating her blog with humorous and amusing observations on the Sicilian life. Connect to Kate and introduce your blog to her followers and audience.

Divina Cucina

If you want to target an audience who likes Italian food and travel, then better connect to Judy Witts Francini and her blog Divina Cucina. She is a cookery teacher, food writer, and a life coach who has been living in Italy since 1984. Her blog is about food, cooking, recipes, dining, travel and many more. It has already got a number of followers, so guest posting her blog could help in bringing traffic to your own blog.

The websites above are all Italy-inspired blogs that you can consider if you want to guest post and promote your brand. Guest posting is just one way to increase the awareness of your blog and bring traffic to your website. It is better to connect with these bloggers now as they can definitely help in promoting your business.

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