The Mobile Game Market in Italy

While Italy does have a pretty high mobile consumption, the game market is still pretty young and up for grabs. Just in 2017, the mobile game market reached a value of up to $340 million, although the total game sale is expected to reach a total of $457 million sometime in 2021.

That said, what exactly is the mobile game market in Italy like? Are Italians more into simple mobile games or heavy MMO mobile games with in-game currency? If ever you want to know where to buy cheap gold or wanna enter this market, then you have to know what you’re getting into. Here are some facts about the gaming scene in Italy.

What Are the Mobile Devices Used by People in Italy?

There are two giants in Italy when it comes to mobile devices namely Samsung and Apple. Samsung make up 40.6% of the total mobile devices in Italy while iOS devices make up 29.15%.

What Are the Game Genres That Are Popular?

According to ashort survey made by App Annie, the top most popular genres in Italy are puzzle games, strategy games, and arcade-type of games. These include Caduta Libera, Candy Crush, Clash Royale, and Enlight. Among these games, Candy Crush was able to garner the most sales in 2016.

How Many Mobile Gamers Are There in The Country?

If you check Statista, the figures show that there are 13 million out of 24.5 million gamers that are mobile gamers. The statistics would also show that the majority are male but only by 2%. 51% of mobile gamers are male while 49% are female.

Who Are the Mobile Game Developers in Italy?

The top five mobile game developers in Italy are Electronic Arts, Supercell, Vivendi, Cheetah Mobile, and Activision Blizzard. Others include Miniclip, Doodle Mobile, and Ketchapp Studio.

What Are the Languages Offered in These Games?

Localizing games also means ensuring that the language is preserved. Italian is the official language of Italy, making it the default language of games there although English is also offered.

What’s the Future of the Italian Mobile Gaming Market Like?

In 2017, the average revenue per user is $25.42 and the average cost per installation is $2.25 in iOS and $0.91 in Android.

The ratio of mobile users to a total number of citizens in the country is 25.9% showing that the majority of the citizens is still quite small. However, it is predicted that the ratio will go up to 29.9% in 2021.

That said, 2021 is a crucial year for the Italian gaming market. Figures are expected to go up as mobile games are becoming more popular in the country.


With those facts in mind, it’s pretty interesting to note that the mobile gaming market in Italy is still picking up. That said, there are actually a lot of opportunities for new game developers to enter the market. While there will be competition, innovation and creativity will play a very crucial role in succeeding here. As long as you got that, you should have no problem.

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