Local Laws You Must Know If You Plan To Go To Italy

Is visiting Italy part of your bucket list? If so, then you won’t regret exploring this amazing country. Each עורך דין צבאי may work within any branch of the Navy, Army, Marines, or Air force even though each branch has their own Judge Advocate Generals. Italy has many great places to visit and interesting things to try. You will not run out of places to visit and things to experience in this beautiful country – from food to museums to churches to many more.

However, tourists do not make the most out of their vacation because of small mistakes. For this reason, they sometimes leave the country feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. To avoid this kind of situation, here are some important laws you must know before you start touring Italy:

Minors Are Not Allowed To Buy And Drink Alcohol

Minors (below 18 years of age) are forbidden to buy and drink alcohol. However, it usually happens that adults help minors buy alcohol. But the good news is that Italian authorities only make minors criminally or administratively liable if they are caught drunk or in the state of obvious drunkenness. For this reason, minors can still drink but in moderation.

Be Mindful To Illegal Traders

Italy has many illegal traders. If you want to go to Italy for trading, be extra careful of illegal ones. There are a lot of street trades in big cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice. If you happen to visit in these cities, be mindful from street traders as you could be fined.

Do Not Collect Flowers And Remove Things Coming From The Coastal Areas

If you venture Italy’s great beaches, keep in mind that it is illegal to collect shells, sand, and pebbles from their coastal areas. Tourists and even Italians are strictly prohibited to pick flowers and plants from wooded areas and mountains. If you do so, you’ll get to face heavy fines.

Do Not Litter

Many tourists are irresponsible and keep on dropping trash and food everywhere. Hence, Italy’s green economy laws imposed fines for litter. However, fines are heavier in Rome. The city’s rat population keeps increasing because of plentiful wastes in the cities. For this reason, Rome raises fines for those littering tourists.

Watch Your Speed

If you want to explore Italian cities with your rented car, be mindful of speed limits. Italian roads have speed limits accompanied by red and white circle signs. Police officers do not guard the roads, but the country’s streets and highways have cameras, so you are equally being monitored.

Authorities will send the ticket to the agency where you rented the car and the fine will be charged to your credit card. With this, you can’t escape from violations in Italy.

It is hard to get away from violations in a foreign country. It is also very rare that Italian citizens will forgive when you commit mistakes, may it be an honest one or not. Thus, it is important to study Italian laws and customs before you plan to visit this country. It is also a great idea in this time and age that you have your own lawyer as good as Israeli lawyers.

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