Fashion Travel Guide for Italy

Italians are generally renowned for being fashion conscious people who are also very respectful to their traditions which is shown by the way they dress. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This means that you should adapt yourself to the customs of the people who are in t-shirt printing Canada business. So once you’re in Italy, you should dress like Italians.

The dress code for the Italians varies from the moment of the day to the place they are visiting to occasions they intend to attend to. Clothing styles vary in different regions too. In Venice, for instance, the weather determines the clothing trends for the Italians in the region. In Milan, people here are always fashionable and dress in over-the-top style. In Rome, people mainly fancy local clothing or traditional wears.

So when traveling to Italy, you need to be well conversant with the fashion trends in the region you intend to visit so as you blend well with others. In this article, we enlighten you about the things you need to put in check fashionably before heading to Italy so as you do not seem odd from the rest.

What Clothes Should I Wear in Italy?

This is a very crucial question that lingers in visitors’ mind when planning to visit Italy. Well, to answer this, the dressing code in Italy mainly relies on the weather, occasion or time of the year. So when contemplating what or what not to wear during your stay, always consider the activities you want to carry out and the weather forecast.

Once you have researched on the weather, you can now make informed decisions on what to carry on your travel wardrobe. During summertime, Italians prefer to wear a kaleidoscope of colors, skinny jeans or sleek capris rather than khakis or jeans, which is unusual from other countries.

In Italy, style and elegance is interpreted by the overview of how you look. They do not major on specific attires; if you are there on an official basis, then it is rather you wear a suit without a tie than to wear a shirt or a pair of trousers that are not ironed. Jeans are widely allowed even in formal occasions as long as it is complemented by a fitting elegant jacket.

What Shoes Should I Wear in Italy?

Italy is renowned for its high-quality leather craftsmanship, hence, the reason why Italians fancy wearing high-quality leather shoes for men and heels for the ladies. In Europe, many of the cities have cobblestone streets which make them uneasy to traverse.

Popular shoes to help you blend with Italians are:

  • Waterproof boots during rain or snow
  • Ballet flats for warm weather
  • Summer sandals when visiting sandy beaches
  • Male designer leather shoes for official occasions with socks matching the trousers’ color

It should also be noted that men are not supposed to wear open shoes at night unless they’re on a beach or resort.

Always pick ten to fifteen clothing items that can easily be mixed and matched so as they can work for all your excursion’s activities. Choose fabrics suitable for the weather and appropriate accessories.

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