The Most Popular Food Delivery Services in Rome

Are you in Rome for every good reason? Are you enjoying your stay so far? Apparently, aside from the beautiful scenery that you may have already discovered, the place is also oozing with delicious foods.

Together with delicious food offers, there are also amazingly satisfying food delivery services in Rome. When you want to try some home meal delivery, you would just expect the services to be excellent. If you haven’t started ordering food yet, then don’t forget that new customers can use this coupon for 50% discount. Of course, you wouldn’t be alone in this endeavor. Read on and be acquainted with the different food delivery services to avail.


Foodora is committed to delivering healthy meals to people from the restaurants which do not have food delivery services. One of the best things about this Foodora is that they actually have punctuality as a priority. Also, they are eco-friendly as they use bikes for delivery. In fact, if you see a person in a bike with a pink box, then it is safe to say that he is from Foodora and on his way to having some home meal delivery.


If you want to have a healthy menu through and through, you can opt for UBKitchen. This food delivery service can support your need for a healthy diet. In fact, the meals that you can have here can complement the physical activities that you do for a balanced meal. So, you can get discounts if you order from particular gyms and fitness centers.


Deliveroo is a unique food delivery service that you can find in Rome also. As you may have noticed at first glance, Deliveroo may sound like kangaroo. Well, apparently, they did this for a purpose. This home meal delivery wants to emulate the trait of a kangaroo when it comes to protecting their young. Apparently, kangaroos have a special way of closely caring for the young ones. Deliveroo also loves to dig in with the details just to take care of your food. Not only that but they also make sure that you can have the best dining experience when you are in Rome.

Just Eat

How does a simple food delivery service sound like? With Just Eat, you can simply browse on over 100 types of cuisines that would totally feed your body and mind. Depending on where in Rome you may be, you can order the food that you want to have.

So, how do you make the order? You can just go to their website and type your zip code. After you choose your food, you would need to pay. But in paying, you are given options. Just Eat accepts payment in cash, credit card, or Paypal. What’s not to love, right?

These are the most popular food delivery services in Rome. Now you know that aside from the activities that you may be having, you can also actually avail of the home meal delivery services. With the additional features of each of these impressive food delivery services, you would absolutely be satisfied.

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