Save on Flights to Italy

Tips to Help You Save on Flights to Italy

Italy is among the best places you can visit. However, it is difficult to find a cheap flight that will take you there. As such, here are some tips which will help you save on your flight to Italy. With these tips, you can enjoy your vacation in Italy without spending too much on your flight cost.

Choose Your Dates Wisely

Summer is considered the high season and is also Italy’s busiest tourist season. Therefore, when you choose to travel during this time, you’ll end up spending more. If you are in budget or wanna save some bucks, this Paribus Review: Can You Actually Save Money? is for you.

If you plan to travel during the summer, you might want to consider substituting the time.

Choose to travel during the off-season so that you can save more even in hotels. Traveling during fall or spring will be just fine. If you are looking to get the best deals, the winter will do.

Avoid Traveling on Weekends

Most people tend to fly on weekends. Thus, the airfare will be pricier than on weekdays. Honestly, there is less reason for traveling on weekends apart from comfort. Therefore, consider flying from Monday to Thursday. This way, you can save on your flight ticket.

Always Book in Advance

The key to finding cheap flights is booking in advance. If you have already decided to visit Italy in a few months, then it is time to book now. Moreover, flight tickets get expensive with time. You can also book hotels in advance to enjoy better rates.

Follow the Pages of Airlines on Social Media

Most airlines have coupon codes on social media – some even offer online discounts. Who knows? Following them may help you in finding online discounts to help you save money on travel expenses. Simply follow the airline of your choice either on Twitter or Facebook. You might also come across their new hot deals.

Check Out the Airline’s Website

You can begin by checking the airline on consolidator websites rather than Expedia. The advantage of consolidator websites is that you will cover more ground.

However, some airlines may not submit their information to consolidator websites. Thus, it is an excellent option to visit their official website instead. Besides, even if you get an offer from a consolidator website, you will need to go to the airline’s official website.

Note: Avoid booking a flight on just any website you come across. Conduct extensive research first. Even if the first website you come across offers a cheaper option, check other sites before booking.

Some of the reliable websites you can check include Skyscanner, Momondo, or AirFare Watchdog.

Buy Two One-Way Fares

While it may seem expensive, it is far much cheaper. To be sure, begin by checking a single fare before settling for a connecting flight. Compare individual fares with the ticket for a round trip and make your choice.

Fly to a European Hub Before Flying to Italy

Are you still having a hard time finding a cheaper flight? It’s true that flying directly to Italy may be expensive. To cut on the flight cost, you can look for flights to any European Hub then fly to Italy from there afterward.

They are a cheaper option. Also, flying to Italy from there is less costly. Before considering this alternative, budget and factor in all additional costs. While it may take longer to reach Italy with this alternative, be sure to save more.


Have a safe flight to Italy. With the above tips, you will have saved several bucks off your flight ticket.

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