Favourite Сheesy and Overrated Tourism Activities

An individual earns the tag ‘cheesy tourist’ by fully embracing mass tourism, which does not involve interacting deeply with the locals to learn about their traditions. Although it is good to romanticize tourism activities, people who are unable to fully enjoy their travels without bothering others or having to carry cookware with their ideas about what exploration should involve are insufferable. The mainstream tourism industry provides a lot of fun activities we can enjoy while making new friends.


Cruises provide an avenue to relax after months of drudge work. A cruise to the Caribbean islands such as Haiti usually involves entertaining activities such as dance parties on the vessel that can guarantee you a lot of fun with friends. Although the idea of being confined in a ship for weeks might seem discouraging, it is the perfect chance to just relax by a pool while enjoying some decent music.

Disney world

If you reconnect with your childhood in a fantasy world, then Disney world is your ideal destination. It might seem overpriced and fake to some individuals, but the haunted house, the rides and space mountain are designed to make you unwind by freeing yourself from the mental inhibitions of adulthood.

Pub Crawl

Although pub crawls do not facilitate social interaction with the local people of a tourism destination, it is still possible to meet interesting tourists and develop bonds of friendship. Moreover, they enable a tourist to acquire new ideas and guidance from more experienced travellers from around the globe.

The Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most crowded, popular and famous museums in the whole universe. A walk through its hallways brings memories of a trip through an overcrowded subway station. Even though better museums might exist, it houses the adorable Mona Lisa painting.


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