Visiting Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii is situated near Naples, and it covers a huge area that would require a whole day to comprehensively explore. However, you would require an extra day to observe and review all the buildings. The following are the most interesting sites to visit:

The Brothel

The brothel is a minuscule structure that contains painting displaying the sexually explicit acts of its ancient customers and stone beds. It is one of the most popular sites with numerous visitors who are curious about the decadent ways of the citizens of Pompeii.

The Forum Baths

These baths were built close to the forum and are also well preserved. Additionally, you can examine the ovens that were used to heat the bath water through a gap in the walls.

Villa of the Mysteries

The villa used to be a grand structure in ancient times, and it is located at the periphery of the city. The walls of the building bear beautiful frescoes that are still in satisfactory condition. However, most visitors do not reach this site because the walking distance is quite long.

The Forum

This is the busiest site in the ancient city, and it is situated close to the main entrance. In antiquity, it used to be the nerve centre of the metropolis. Consequently, archaeologists have uncovered most relics in the city in this zone.

The Stabian Baths

This is the oldest bath that is still standing in Pompeii. It has a bigger chamber and receives fewer crowds. Moreover, some preserved bodies of the unfortunate inhabitants of the city are on display here.

House of the Small Fountain

This is a lovely house that has a spacious rear chamber, beautiful frescoes on the walls and an artistic mosaic fountain. Additionally, it a slanted roof that was meant to collect rainwater.

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